Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Turn Of Counters

In TaeKwon Do there is a kick which i would have to say is my favorite kick out of any kicks any martial arts style has.  This kick when not master but proficient is a decent means of counter select movements that create opening depends on the body positioning of you and your opponent.  This kick can be very hard to master because you loose sight of your target for a split second.  Not only can the target move during those milliseconds that have lapsed. If one is not very proficient at the movement you can very easily miss your intended target and become off balance and open for a counter from your opponent.  One speed and accuracy with this is has been acquired the kick can be used as an offensive movement to your opponent. which could take a good solid year of training just like any movement you want to master.  Id say at least 3 months of training to become proficient at the kick)  Not every one likes kicks when fighting but the one that do are merciless in there attacks.  Sorry for the horrible techno in the video.  Enjoy!!!


  1. I'm telling ya, they started off with some isometrics and knuckle push ups in the hall way!! How good are your kicks, Gavin?

  2. Man that dude was beating everyone with that kick, its a great kick but you think they would be prepared for it after he had been using it in previous fights.
    Also CAPTCHA.

  3. Amazing fight! Those guys are crazy!