Friday, October 7, 2011

The First Brick

I hope that I will be able to keep the attention of many of you with my interest and  the interesting things i find in every day life.  One of my many loves would have to be Martial arts.  In all the forms that it comes in.  Not only is it good for your health as a form of exercise, but if one is a diligent student (and trust me everyone is a student no matter the age) you will be able to not only defend ones self and other but you be surprised at the everyday things you find yourselves doing more efficiently.  One example in my life i fell happens more often then not is someone or even sometimes myself included will drop something and will retrieve it with lightning fast reflexes.  I even save a friends child from smashing there face on a step from tripping just the other week.  With this blahh blahhh being said i feel that everyone can obtain some form of foresight.   When i say this i don't mean some magical ability that one cast, and things just happen that way.  After you train your body, temple, vessel what have you i feel that your mind become some what attended with your surrounds so you almost can see actions that are televised before they even happen.  A good example of this is my friends child.  I seen them walking up the side walk like they did everyday, but i seen a crack  in the sidewalk that they were walking on and i thought myself "hmmm i bet they will trip"  as i was saying this to myself blame it happened.  I feel like the only reason i was able to catch them is that a split second before i felt that, that string of events was about to happen.  I almost feel like i don't have enough knowledge to speak about this but everyone has to start somewhere.

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  1. Precognition or situation awareness(one having better scientific support) were the subconscious and conscious mind process known and current information about your surroundings and the people within your field of vision and came to a spontaneous conclusion about the most likely events to occur.